VitaClinix Research provides substantiation for Dietary Supplement Claims based on human clinical research.
Dietary supplement must have substantiation that labeling and advertising claims are truthful and not misleading as per the requirements under both Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) and the Federal Trade Commission Act.

VitaClinix Research has the mandate to provide manufacturers with scientific evidence to support the claims that are making on their products. Substantiations are clinically proven studies that excelled statistical significance.

VitaClinix Research provides clinically proven studies for substantiation to help preserving the consumer confidence in taking the products. It is also to ensure compliance with the Act, we recommend that dietary supplement manufacturers carefully draft their labeling claims and carefully review the support for each claim to make sure that the support relates to the specific product and claim, is scientifically sound, and is adequate in the context of the surrounding body of evidence.